Friday, October 31, 2014

Leaving the Comfort Zone

If left to myself, I would happily camp out in my comfort zone; skating forward, doing crossovers, my mohawks and FO3 close to the boards.

You've heard of the comfort zone, right? You're in your happy place, then some guy that management hired to motivate you spends an hour showing you Powerpoint slides, and one always has this message:

Miss Bianca will not leg me stay in my puny lame ass skating comfort zone. She wants me to do things like outside mohawks facing out of the circle, alternating FO3 with side toe hops in between, sitting back on my back crossovers, you know.....real skating.

This is why I have a coach. Without a coach I stay snuggly in my happy place, working on my forward edges. Unfortunately, when Miss Bianca introduces new skills, I used to roll over the 'stretch zone' as if it was an earthworm on the highway of life, and glide directly into the Panic Zone.

Miss Bianca says she's going to photograph my face someday as she introduces me to new skills.
It used to be this,
But now after many weeks of being 'stretched', I'm settling on this as a response to new skills:

Yep, that's what coaches are for; Getting me out of my sorry lame ass skating comfort zone!

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