Sunday, July 27, 2014

When Rink Managers Approach...It's Bad News for Someone

Every Saturday when I go to skate public, there's the same woman in the same corner, doing the same things over and over. Yesterday, she was in the same corner doing the same things over and over, again.

As I stepped off the ice the Rink Manager came up to me and asked, "Do you know who 'that girl' is?"

[By the way, 'that girl' is in her 20s. We're not talking about a kid.]

I didn't have to even look. I know the regulars and their terrain, as well as I know my house. "You mean the girl who camps out in the Lutz corner and does crossovers and bad spins every Saturday? No idea who she is."

"Well, she didn't pay."

At this point the Rink Manager, myself, and my coach who joined us in the discussion, turn and look  at the miscreant.

"Kick her off the ice." I say. Not that I have a dog in the fight, but I'm willing to express my opinion.

The Rink Manager goes out on the ice in her sneakers and confronts the girl while my coach and I trade notes on my skating. A few minutes later the Rink Manager comes back to us and fills us in.

The girl hadn't paid for A YEAR. She says that since she's in LTS, she gets passes and doesn't have to pay. She failed to read the instructions. Or is lying. Or couldn't figure out why she gets only 4 passes.

You're either a crook or stupid, little skater.
So the Rink manager told her: You only get four passes and you have to turn them in to skate, and when they're gone, you have to pay.

Then the Rink Manager tells us that there are Freestyle skaters who get on freestyle and pay their coach and not the monitor, and mysteriously, the freestyle fees don't seem to always get accounted for.

It's the single most expensive freestyle in the area, and now I know why! 


  1. As the ice monitor on club sessions, I have tracked down many skaters and tossed them off the ice until they pay. I have no patience for this because they are stepping on MY ice time as well. While I can almost understand the LTS girl getting it mixed up, I cannot understand the skaters on freestyle who know the FREE part of that word has nothing to do with payment or lack thereof.

    I just shake my head in wonder...

    1. Just to clear it up. By 'girl', I meant a woman in her 20s.

  2. It's the reverse at my rink. When skaters approach the rink manager, it's bad news for the rink manager! Latest problem was that the dehumidifiers were taken off line for maintenance, which led to horribly bumpy and lumpy ice first thing in the morning, and nobody from the maintenance crew in until 0930. Boy, did that manager get it in the ear when he (finally) came in..!

  3. Why did you call her the girl who does bad spins? This is rude. She is probably practising, what's wrong with that (apart from not paying issue)?