Thursday, July 24, 2014

Breaking in New Figure Skating Boots

I know what you're thinking; "She's going to post about breaking in her boots.It's going to be like  a puppy wearing socks!"

Good news, my first break in skate was actually much, much better!

I don't know how other people break in their boots, but I just strap the suckers on and lap skate. When breaking in new boots my usual experience is that I have to put in a few hours before I start doing 3 turns and mohawks. With these boots I was doing them in 30 minutes. I also did a couple of two foot spins. So, at least NOT ANY WORSE than my old boots. In most respects the boots were a perfect fit.

When I get new boots the most critical objective for the first couple of skates is trying different kinds of lace tying to get my heels deep in the counters (part 7). Right now the right boot is all the way to the top with no problems.

The boots aren't perfect. The toe boxes (part 13) press on my big toenails from above. I've had this issue with Harlicks before; I must have enormous toes. 

When  Real Skaters (TM applied for) have a boot problem, they fix it on their own. I"me planning a trip to the hardware store to find something I can stuff in the toe of the boot to push from the inside while I use my hair dryer to heat the toe up. If that doesn't work, I'm just going to take a Dremel tool and cut a hole in the boot where it presses on my toenail, and slap some Skate Tape over it.

I am so past 'pristine boots'. Ice princesses can obsess with that. I'm here to skate!

The next post will cover my blade adjustments: I take advice from the late, great Gustave Lussi and it works out fabulously! More power, more stability. Can't ask for more!

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  1. It's not just you - I think my toenails have a permanent indent from my boots! It doesn't actually bother me while I'm skating, it just looks funny when I take my skates off.