Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Creating a Solo Power Skating Program

All my coaches have mentioned how I need to skate with more power. I never even bothered to look at power skating classes for figure skaters. I've got 45 years and 75 pounds on anyone in that class. I can't power skate for a whole hour. I need to work my way up to power skating for 10 minutes, much less an hour. So, I've created my own personal power skating program.
My present technique, Nice long glides....but sloooow
I couldn't find anything on youTube about power skating for figure skaters so I've modified what I've seen in hockey power skating videos.

1. Get down in the knee and stay there (never rise to straight leg)
2. Bring the boots together between strokes
3. Pre-position my edge before each stroke
4. Maintain an upright 'ice dancer' posture
5. Full extension on each stroke
6. Keep the glide short, but don't scamper

Yeah, I know you're wondering "What does she mean by 'scamper'?"


The purpose of my 'power skating' is to build up my leg strength, quicken my reflexes, increase my speed per stroke, without sacrificing technique. I only do a set for 5 to 8 minutes at a time, then I go and work on something else for a while. I'll do 3 sets an hour. I'm aiming at 10 minutes per set.

Does it build my leg strength and power? My coach says she's noticed better power, so looking good.

The downside was that for 3 days after my first session I could barely walk. I guess I'm weaker than I thought!


  1. Thank you for posting this! I am going to try your power skating workout - sounds like a good challenge that should benefit my skating.

  2. If you get an opportunity, do a workshop with Jacki Munzel. She was a National level figure skater and became a speed skater later in life. She teaches power skating for all types of skaters. I did an adult workshop that she put on when my club brought her to our rink. I will say, though, I was sore for days!