Sunday, July 20, 2014

The New Boots are in the Bag!

After sending my new custom boots back to Harlicks to have the right boot rebuilt (a tiny bit too large), I was finally able to pick them up at the fitter's today.

You may remember that the left boot (if it had been a man) fit like love at first sight:

However, today when I tried the rebuilt right boot on, it fit fine off ice, but trying to skate on it was like this:

I couldn't stroke well, or glide, or do crossovers, and the only 3 turn put me flat on my back.  I had no control at all on the right foot. Anyway, I got off the ice and tramped back to my fitter's office. I muttered about how I could pad the boot on the inside, and 'isn't the heel higher than the JAckson heel?" But I wan't happy with the boot.

My tech took the boots and sent me off. Fifteen minutes later he was back. The right boot's sole was slightly warped, he shimmed the blade to fix that. I went out on the ice and in the first stroke it was like this between the boot and I:

I could do all my shtick, and I knew that at the first stroke!

Now all that's left is the break in period!

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