Friday, August 1, 2014

Freestyle at an ISI Rink

There are things you'll see on ISI Freestyle you won't see on USFSA Freestyle

Similar Pairs
Programs With Fans
Programs with Hoops
Family programs
Man, I love ISI!


  1. I like ISI too. I enjoyed testing USFS, but ISI competitions offered so much more to do, and always for less money.

  2. And you can learn the joy of putting together a program when you are still at a very low skill level. I competed for the first time at my own rink as a Pre-Alpha.

  3. Bowie's ISI team just finished 15th out of over 100 at the recent ISI Worlds or Intergalactics (can't keep track). Anyway they enjoyed it.

  4. What the... that girl on the beach has better balance than most adults.