Friday, August 29, 2014

Public Skate for Absolute Beginners

Everyone starts out skating on public skate. When I did, I didn't know the rules. There are some actual safety rules

1. Don't get on the ice when the Zamboni is on the ice.

No, it's not this bad, but it's a rule.
Insurance policies may be involved.
Don't distract the driver either!

2. When the ice resurfacer is finished, don't get on the ice until the driver has swept the ice at the zamboni gate and shut the gate.

Your sweeper will not look like this
 3.  The little kids will hog the gate, most adults stand back and wait, OR sneak down to a closed gate and pop right on the ice rather than wait. This is usually my solution if there's a birthday party at the gate and all of them afraid to get on the ice, so there's a pile up. I'm impatient inside but I'm always nice.

No, you can't boot the kids onto the ice.
 4. Now you can get on the ice and have some fun!

5. Until you want to get off the ice and there's a parent blocking the gate with a camera in hand. I offer to take their camera on ice and take pictures of their kids for them or pictures of them with their kids. This is building karma. Usually the parent is happy after I return the camera and they go sit in the stands. Sometimes though there's a parent who will stand in the gate and block the way for minutes. I usually go to a second gate unless is blocked off, so I'll mutter "You're blocking the gate."

But ooooh I'm tempted!

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