Saturday, August 30, 2014


An adult skater comes up to me on public and says, "You're my inspiration. I saw you skate and thought, 'If *she* can do it, *I* can do it!"

Different people have said almost the exact same wording to me.


This is sort of the compliment that happens when a man says, "You sure dance good/hardly sweat much for a fat girl."

Maybe rinks should hire me to skate around at public to encourage adults to take Learn to Skate. I should have a sign on my back that says:

"Look, look!" they'll cry. "That woman is as old as my grandmother and SHE CAN SKATE! I need to learn how to skate. Maybe she has brochures!"

And not only do I skate, I dance pretty good for a fat girl (and hardly sweat at all)!

But to tell you the truth, almost every time  I skate on public someone comes up to me to talk about skating. I think it's because I'm small and older and safe looking. The freestyle girls in the middle usually usually won't give people the time of day, or they're so fast they intimidate the ice tourist.  I on the other hand look like a grandmother. More than once I'd wished I had  brochures in my pockets. Usually though I tell them to ask their parents to sign them up for skating lessons, and that it's cheap.

 Still, that backhanded compliment in the words, "If *she* can skate, *I* can skate," rankles a bit. It's hard to keep my face under control

I feel like this:
But all they see is this!


  1. Oh man, those sorts of compliments... Yeah. Been on the "You don't say?" side of those one too many times...

    How about "You make big look good on the floor"?

    Or, "My daughter is too big to fit into the costumes on the sales rack, who makes your costumes?"

    I'm sorry, my rate just went up to $85/hour.

  2. Ahh yes, the insulting compliment. Copped a few of those too. A witty response would be good, but I just - can't - be - bothered !

  3. I feel your pain. I usually get, "YOU skate? YOU????" That's a dig at my weight. Or
    "You took up skating for exercise. It's not like you DO anything with it." "Your daughter must skate too." As a blessedly childless woman who isn't THAT overweight I have grown tired of these back-handed compliments. My response has become "Do I know you? No? Good-bye."