Thursday, February 13, 2014

Upset In the Men's Short Program-Sochi

Evgeny Plusheko retires due to injury:

Reaction of American Viewers
Russian Viewers
But really, he couldn't even take first in the Russian Nationals, and got to take the only Olympic slot for Russia, solely based on a 'private' display to his federation. So Russia has no chance for a men's medal in singles.

Here's Putin in the after action interview:

And then Jeremy Abbott fell, and laid on the ice for 10 seconds:
American Viewers
Patrick Chan Didn't fall (for once)!
"Doin' your job, man."
A virtually unknown skater in the USA is now in first:
Hanyu Yuzuru
and another relative unknown in third:
Javier Fernandez
Things are getting interesting!


  1. How sad is it that you've described Hanyu and Fernandez as unknowns. They've been near the top of the sport for a few years now!

    1. I said 'virtually unknown in the USA'. So, yeah, ask an American to name a figure skater and you'll get Johnny Weir, Plusheko, and maybe Abbott. That's all I meant.
      Here's their program results from ISU