Saturday, September 21, 2013

Judges--Thinking Positive

This is a tip from my coach Miss Bianca about testing....

"When you test, don't think 'I'm not good enough to skate for these judges'.....Instead think 'These judges came all this way, as volunteers, just to see me skate.'"

If you think of judges like this....
And you'll think about your test like this...
"They just pick, pick, pick at my skating!"
Or you think....
"They're staring at me just to find errors!"

 What about thinking about the judges as if...

"Judges love skating and they've come all this way to see me skate!'

 Then when you skate, you can think about your test, thusly...
"Hi Judges!"


  1. Skate and a judge will watch. Skate well and they will love you forever.

  2. Don't watch me skate. Please don't watch me skate.

  3. Testing is scary.... when I tested my bronze moves I was asked to reskate the perimeter stroking of all things... I felt so much more at ease after I had skated over and met the judges. (they loved my circle eights)