Friday, September 6, 2013

Using Dancewear for Skating Tests

It's not uncommon for women skaters to use dancewear for tests. A leotard over skating tights with a dance skirt over it, is in some rinks the standard test outfit for adult women skaters.

The problem with dancewear is that it runs *small*. Not "small', in the way you need to buy a size 14 rather than a 10, but 'small' as in the sense of "what person in their f*ng mind would make this for a grown woman"!

For example, I was looking for a leotard that had a turtleneck and bare shoulders, sort of a classy 80's halter look. I lift weights and I have nice shoulders and arms, so I wanted to use that to my advantage. It took time to find a leotard designed like that. Finally, I located one on a website that was of satisfactory design and ordered the Adult-XXXL size.

Let's just say when I got it, I don't think it would fit a 15 year old girl. I'm only 5'2, it wasn't long enough in the torso for me. I'M 5'2" AND IT WAS TOO SHORT IN THE TORSO! The manufacturers are insane!  Apparently, I need to order the plus size TALL!

Returning it was too much trouble. I'll sell it to some mother at work whose 5 year old is in ballet.

Can't Get This Leotard Over My Hips!
Stupid Dancewear
So, if you order dancewear, prepare to have your heart broken, and order from a website that has a decent return policy.


  1. OMG! I about fell out of my chair reading this. Thought I was the only one. I'm a bigger girl, 5'8, but not at all slender, and I weep at the lack of dancewear available to me. It's nice to know it's not just my weight.

    I'm also all torso with shorter legs for my height. I wouldn't stand a chance in a leotard. This is why I never buy one piece swimsuits. Even the talls tug in all the wrong places b/c my torso is so long. I lined up once with my 5'4 friend. Our hips were the same level.

  2. What brand of leotard was it? I need one with a few X's in there myself, and would like to avoid the frustration!

  3. I gave up even trying to order anything that didn't come in "long" or "tall" -- and even then, only one of the leotards I tried worked. The problem is, I'm too tall for an off-the-rack skating dress too (try that for a long-torso 5'9" person), so at least the leotard, when I finally found it, was cheaper. I just gave up sweating the xxxx's.

  4. I'm one of those who needs a few X's in my skating clothes. I really want a sleek-looking black leotard, but I want to be covered. Maybe a mock-turtleneck, long or 3/4 sleeves, high back, no cut-outs, etc. It's impossible. I once found an XL decent one and tried it on, and I couldn't get it up over my hips!! I went home crying. :(

  5. I do both dancing and skating and I never had big troubles to get clothes for both. In dancewear shops I usually need things marked as two sizes bigger than my usual, which may not feel exactly flattering, but at least I always get what I need. Maybe a bit less crazy european sizing here?
    And the oposite extreme, I´ ve also bought a few items in a common shop with sport equipment and in H&M. Nice basic leos for dance classes, but in both cases size tag saying "12-14 years". Which is kind of insane sizing too.