Friday, September 13, 2013

Getting Videoed While Skating

Me on Seeing Myself in a Video

"Please Coach, no!"

When My Coach Has a Camera in Her Hands

"Get over it!"
(PS. Sorry for all the Tumblr-like posts.  Be back skating in a week. I'll feel like writing again soon.)


  1. I think my coach has video taped all of her students EXCEPT me. She always forgets when it comes to me. Oh well; I probably wouldn't look anyway.

    A partial of yours keeps trying to come up; it's about an adult skating bully. I am interested in reading the rest....

    1. I did my best to obfuscate the skater's identity, but after it was posted, I decided she was still identifiable, so I took it down.

    2. Ohhhhh..... I understand. Too bad; seemed like a fun and interesting entry. But I understand.

  2. I bring my camera and set it up on the boards. I like being able to actually see what I'm doing. Best way for me to make corrections. Most times, when my coach tells me a correction, I can't quite translate that into skating. I can't feel the error when I'm skating so it's tough to correct based on a verbal suggestion.