Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Very Cheap Freestyle

Like many rinks in the summer, mine has an evening public session. Ours is right after a freestyle, so when I step on the ice, it's filled with pretty much the same people that skate on freestyle.

Then I realize the rink is quiet. No music at all on the loud speakers.

It was like skating in the 50's
There's no pop, no rock, no hip hop, no rap, no punk, no Electropop, glitchpop, hip house, nu-disco, synthpop, New Wave, new rave, trance, house , Hi-NRG, dance-pop,electroclash, electro-industrial, drum and bass, dubstep, glitchstep, liquid funk, electro house, glitch house, progressive house, breakbeat, hardstyle,dubstyle, drumstep, technopop, hip hop, Baltimore club, trap, or moombahton. Instead the sounds of the Dutch Waltz and Cha Cha waft over the ice.

 Dance Coach is teaching students. And somehow, he has convinced the rink to give him control of the music on a public session!

And the without angry music playing, the annoying little hockey boys are pleasant and polite.

Good on ya Dance Coach!

Okay, maybe just high fiving 2 angels, Still it was a nice public session!

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  1. That does sound nice. Our rink does not have evening public sessions except Friday and Saturday. Loud music. Obnoxious teenagers. And no lights. Every other evening is hockey. Our rink is heavy on hockey, light on figure skating. And ice dancing? umm, well, there's a married couple who ice dance together. I don't think we have any coaches much experienced in ice dancing. Pity.

    My coach was in the ice capades. (how cool is that?!) so she knows a lot of ice dancing patterns. I would like for her to teach me more. But I'm still in alternating 3-turn he!!. Once I get those, I'll move onto something new.