Thursday, July 4, 2013

My First and Second Spin

When I was in LTS back in 2008, a coach teaching Adult Gamma taught a group of us how to spin. I don't remember her instructional technique, but first time I tried I did a forward spin with 3 or 4 complete rotations. It was beginner's luck.

I could feel the rocker, and the spin was solid, centered and beautiful. I remember thinking, "This is how Johnny Weir feels every day." Please don't make fun of me for that.

From that day til today, I have not been able to do a successful one foot spin.

So I went to freestyle, expecting it to be empty, but figure skaters have no holidays. It was full. At the end of the session, I was practicing my two foot spin (which has a definite sucky quality). On the spur of the moment I decided to do a 3 turn entry, and hold the free foot off the ice on the back edge but not check it.

So, yeah I did a back spin.


I look like this:
Only backwards
And twice.

Yeah, afterwards I'm like this.

But, hey! It was a back spin.

No charge for the wobble the second time I did it. Man, two spins in a row is my limit!


  1. gah, my back scratch is pitiful. I used to have a decent one in high school but could only do it as a change foot from a regular scratch spin.

    as for the dizziness, I got nothing. I'm so incredibly dizzy every time I spin. I try to do that nice check out edge after, but I can't see a thing.

  2. "Figure skaters have no holidays." Truer words were never spoken (written?). The only holiday my coach takes off is Christmas. But July 4th, Thanksgiving, New Years... we are at the rink. Yeah. No holidays. Ever.

    1. The only reason I don't skate on Christmas is the rink is closed. And I've skated on Easter (after mass). So, yep no holidays.

  3. Holidays? Ha,there is no holidays for coaches or skaters. If one isn't skating, there is always off-ice. Vacations? Hmmmm, I'm afraid to take one for I fear that I will regress.