Sunday, July 28, 2013

Graduation Hell

This week I ran through my FO3 for Miss Bianca and she pronounced herself satisfied. They're far from perfect (I've got some checking issues) but they're strong and consistent.

Hooray! I'm moving on from FO3!!!
Then Miss Bianca said, "Let's work on you FI3."

You know, lady, give me more than 3 seconds of happiness before you introduce fresh hells into my lesson.

Anyway, she had me start doing FI3. I'm all ass over teacup.
Welcome to FI3 hell.
Then she ran me through two footed brackets and back threes.  If she'd asked me to do them one footed, I'd have said no.

But I know what's she's thinking.....

1 comment:

  1. You know, alternating 3's REALLY have helped my 3's overall. They're hard as all get out, but they really force you to check. Back 3's...I can only do one of them, the back right outside. The rest, hell no. I can get around but come up on my toe pick and thus have zero momentum going forward. And brackets...I've been working on both right leg (inside and outside) and can kind of do them, but only by the wall. I took a NASTY fall learning these and am now too scared to practice them away from the wall. When I try, it's just a hot mess.

    Good luck!