Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Good Day On Public Ice

So there I am, inside the cones in the center. It's a clearly marked center. I'm working on, let's say, 5 step mohawks in a circle.  Other figure skaters are sharing the space with me. We're cool. Lookin' out for each other, yeeah.

And then...I hear....HOCKEY SKATES BEHIND ME!
Fear grips my heart.
And some slack jawed hockey boy of an age OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER, goes through the circle...

And the figure skater rink guard WHO'S GOT A DAMN GOOD AXEL, gets in the hockey boy's face, and does this...

I'm like this...on the inside
yeah, baby, yeah!


  1. YES. Oh my gosh, the second gif is so perfect! Oblivious skaters who just cut through the center! But the ones who should know better or who have been asked to stop several time are the worst!

  2. Years ago, when I would actually skate on public ice, I was doing a scratch spin in the middle. A hockey brat barrels into me. It was the most jarring thing ever because I'm completely not expecting it. Kid never apologized. Just kept on skating while I gingerly got up. I was hurt. This is why I don't skate public.

  3. YAY for the rink guard!!!! That kid deserved a smack across the face. But then I'd be in jail, unable to skate...