Sunday, June 2, 2013

Skating Moms

The skating moms at my rink and in my club are super. You hear stories of rinks with toxic clubs, and toxic skating moms; I've never met anyone other than lovely people who support skating, the club and love their kids.  Still, they seem to fall into certain types.

The mom who never gets warm.
I've spent hours sitting around rinks, the words "I need a blanket"
has never crossed my mind. 
The mom who videos every.single. jump, crossover, spin,
lesson, and warmup. This seems to  disappear after the skater passes
pre-pre, then comes back about the time the kid gets an axel.
The mom who spends the day playing "Words with Friends"
or "Baldur's Gate."  

The mom who spends all day on the computer, doing
I have no idea what. 
The Club Board. These parents know all the USFSA rules, have contact
books a mile long, keys to the club storage, and
should be your best friends.
I've seen more Kindles at the rink than I've seen anywhere else. I wonder why.
"No, I'm not reading 'Fifty Shades of Gray'.  Honest."
Well, I guess it keeps them warm.

Then there's the best mom of all....
The mom who skates!


  1. I did my homework or played Skip-Bo with baby brother when I was a skating Mom. I was also a Mom who skated (ds had my coach)

  2. A mom was manning the program music at a freestyle recently...her daughter was in a program and I guess did something amazing b/c this mom whooped and hollered and totally scared the bejeezus out of me and another adult skater. It was a few minutes before the end. Me and my friend...our nerves were just shattered and we were done for the day.

    Moms...remember, your kid is not the only skater out there, paying for ice time.

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  4. I'm the last type, I am also learning to skate. So far my daughters haven't caught up to me, that's probably another two months away. I hope.

    I also read a kindle, work on the thesis, or chat to the other mums.

    And I have one of those pool scarf/wrap things that I use as a cushion, a blanket for my knees and a warm jumper. I've been known to wear a beanie and gloves too.

    1. I think I should have said "circular scarf/wrap things".

  5. Hey! I'm the mom who skates! (Poorly, mind you.) I just don't get why all my son's hockey coaches want to get me out of my figure skates. *scratches head*

    1. They want your money. I wonder if a hockey coach solicits a figure skater if that's considered poaching? Ask dmitti