Sunday, May 12, 2013

Six Stages of Adult Skating- Now Illustrated!

1. Disbelief
"You want me to do what with my foot and put it where while I'm doing this with my arms?"

2. Disorganization
"Okay, I got my foot there, now why can't I do that at the same time?"

3. Denial
"I don't care what coach says, nobody over the age of 9 can learn this."

4. Deliberation
"Well, maybe if I alter my hip position, thus, and add a little upper body swing...."

5. Dominate the Move!

6. Disbelief
"What does coach mean it's not perfect? Coaches, they're never happy."


  1. Sometimes that last stage of disbelief is when you actually finally DO the move, and it works out, and you think WOW, did I actually DO that?? :))

  2. Total Bliss: Got it! It's Consistent and Coach likes it! Rarely happens :)

  3. Love this hilarious - and oh so familiar - collection of photos and captions!

  4. Hahaha....this is so true! I remember one day in my FS class, my coach was having us work on jumps in the opposite direction. I'm a clockwise skater, so I'm already skating in everyone's opposite direction to begin with. So anyways, I managed to (somewhat) do a counterclockwise waltz jump. Then my coach told me to try doing a waltz-ballet combination. Let's put it this reaction was totally the first caption, but with the thought of "You want me to do it in THAT direction?! You've got to be kidding!!!"

  5. I just did my first backwards crossover last night without holding my instructor's hand. I didn't believe I was actually doing it right and totally convinced myself that I was somehow cheating. (recently found your blog, btw, and have been skipping around reading your posts. I started LTS on a few months ago and find the adult skating community pretty small! Thanks for writing about your experiences.)