Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The "F" Word at the Rink

You're not supposed to swear at the  rink. Maybe it's because there are so many little monsters darlings around, that rinks have developed the 'no swearing' rule as a defense mechanism. Never mind that the some of the parents of children are slack jawed yokels who can't string together a sentence without dropping an f-bomb or two, coaches never swear, and adult students pick up on the rule pretty quickly.

I never ever swear on freestyle. Not once. But on public, I've been known to drop a bomb or two (it shocked my dance coach), 'cause on public with the music and the screaming.....
Meh, who can hear me two feet away?
Honestly, there's other F-words I'm more worried about hearing on the ice, and would rather never, ever hear....


After any of the above, I'm sure you'll hear a few F-bombs floating around.

If it's one of mine...pretend you didn't hear. Okay?


  1. Babbette: This comment is apropo of nothing in the above post, but while trolling through youtube I found this clip:

    They're skating to your song!

    1. Big Hair and Broadway Showtunes! Can it get any better?

      Thanks for the point out :-)

  2. You're welcome. Big hair and a short skirt won Mel Gibson an Oscar (Braveheart);-) Too bad Mel didn't think to include a showtune or two...

  3. My coach taught me the rhythm of the 3-turn into salchow last week by telling me to say "I love sal-chow" (you hold the exit edge and jump on "chow"). So this week I presented to her my new 8-step mohawk chant: "Out-side mo-hawks can go f*** off." She liked it, and despite the language, to me it seemed both appropriate and helpful to my practice.

  4. I need to come up with something clever for waltz 3's. I've just been trying to force myself to think, 1-2-3, 4-5-6. But I pause wayyyy too long between those sets.

  5. Learn sign language, then you can swear up a blue streak and no one knows!

  6. The other "f" word......fracture!