Saturday, May 4, 2013

Czech Please! Part Dva !

One of the reasons I picked Madam Mim is that when she substituted in a Group Class, she tried to fix my 3 turn checks.

Well, actually as I did my three turn, she grabbed my arm and pulled it into a check position. "Stop being a baby. Learn to Check."

Today, we revisited my checks.  After a few whacks at it. Madam Mim commented, "Why do you wave your arms around when you three turn?"

"Uh, overexcited shoulder action?"

Yeah, I'm one of those beginner skater who falls into bad arm waving habits to force the 3 turn. So I suppressed my arm waving and got some decent checks.
Maybe life would be easier if I had a pivot in my head.
Now here's the miracle. With the shots in my knees, and physical therapy, and icing my hip 3 times a day, I'm skating without pain and with more response in my knees than I've had for 30 years. I can feel the rocker, and I'm gliding backwards further. So happy about that.  And it only takes a few minutes for me to improve my checks.  A ways to go, still a lot of improvement in one lesson.

But as the lesson continues working on my back edges, Madam Mim comments, "It's scary watching you go backwards on an edge, you're so slow, I don't see how you do it."

Every coach I've ever had has said that. What can I say? I had thorough  balance training as a child!


  1. I know you frustration with 3 turns. My RFO3 and LFI3 are done with thought and are well controlled. My LFO3 and RFI3 are works in progress. This is particularly annoying in as much as the LFO3 and RFI3 are the set ups for a number of jumps. Some day I'll get them right.

  2. I hate hate hate LFI3. It goes against my spin direction. I just, whoa, have such a hard time doing it. Oddly enough, I have no problems with RFO3. It's also against my spin direction. But no issues. Just that darn inside turn. Half the time, I chicken out and don't even turn.

    I started learning back outside 3's yesterday. They were not as scary as I thought, and within a half hour, I was doing about half of them really well. (need.stronger.core.) I can do both right leg forward brackets (haven't started learning the left leg brackets). I'll bet I'm learning rockers before I can nail down that dreaded LFI3.

  3. Good luck to you both on turns. I have both FO3, the side w. the bursitis is the 'good' side because the need to keep my hip in position, keeps me from 'hipping out' like I do on the right. LFI, meh coming along.