Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oh, The LOOKS I Get on Freestyle!

Sometimes, I skate on freestyle at a rink in another town. Let's just say, some of the skaters there can be a little pretentious about their skating.

The little girls on freestyle give me looks like this:

"Old people should stay home."
I ignore their expressions.

The look the teenage girls on freestyle give me looks like this:

"That a skater of MY caliber should have to share the ice
with that old woman that moves like a snail."
I ignore their expressions, too.

Mainly because when I barrel down the ice, it's a game of Newton's Third Law. They may be fast, but I have mass.

If you run into me on the ice, you will cushion my fall.
All but one coach generally acknowledge me with a nod. They've seen me for years. They never know when I'll need a new coach.

The one coach who doesn't is a Grumpy High Level Coach with a skater at Nationals. The looks I get from him are always this:

 Meh, whatever. He looks at everyone that way.


  1. There are only two rinks near me. I skate at the run down, comfortable rink but mainly b/c it's closest to me. We have SOME higher level skaters but generally not b/c they all skate at the uber high tech double rink where, *gasp*, Paul Wylie is a coach. Yes, THE Paul Wylie. I don't dare bother with freestyle there. They have so many elite skaters, they have to label freestyle as elite, intermediate, or open.

    1. Yeah, none of the 4 rinks I skate at are at that level. I will say, there's a number of former olympic skaters coaching locally, and you can spot them right away, even from a distance. At my home rink, I have to say all the skaters are very, very nice to me.

  2. I get all of those looks and from the parents too. I ignore them and ask (the parents) where their skates are. That usually shuts everyone down. Keep on skating!

  3. Ha ha... there's a kid ice dancer who did this during afternoon sessions. I ignored her and my coach rolled his eyes. I guess doing lessons under Serge Ponomarenko got to her head.

    Everyone else ignores me and focus on not crashing into the ice. XD