Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Do Ice Tourists See?

Since there was no freestyle this weekend, and Miss Cheerleader let me know that Publics were still super crowded, I wasn't able to skate this weekend.
All the local rinks are like this right now
Why can't they put one in MY town.....
So I got to thinking about what it was like the first time I was an Ice Tourist. Since I started skating my idea about what is going on on the ice has completely changed. Today I want you to reach back into your memory about what it was like, 'the first time'.

First off, what's with all the screaming? 

Then, almost every one clings to the boards (I at least could do slaloms) and inches their way around the rink. But there are a few who have taken lessons, and these brave souls get away from the boards and stroke for all they're worth...
Yep, this is me
What the Ice Tourist sees.....
"OMG! Look at her!"
(I once zipped past an Ice Tourist and she called out "How do you DO that!" It was a very gratifying moment.)

And then there are the hockey boys who set out to scare people. They look something like this, short little 11 year olds, traveling in packs, usually of three.

What the Ice Tourist sees....
"Run, Run, Run from Ghidorah before it destroys us all!"
And what about the little girls in the center ice, doing their jumps that you can barely pass a credit card between the ice and the blade. 

What the girls are doing....
Look at me jump!
What the Ice Tourists sees....
"Look at her jump!"
Anyway, I can't wait until summer when public ice is like this....


  1. The screaming is what gets me! When on earth did it become okay for people to scream when they're NOT being chased by a dangerous animal or their life is seriously threatened?

  2. The hockey posses are so obnoxious! What's even worse than the hockey boys are the hockey MEN that do the same thing. There's one guy at my rink who almost runs me over every single week.

  3. gah! Public ice is pure torture. I was once in a spin in the middle. Hockey brat barreled right into me. I wanted to murder him. Take my blade and rake it across his face.

    What's worse than screaming? When hoards of people just stand there. Not moving. Socializing. umm, get off the ice if you want to chat.

  4. Funny! Down here in Oz it is hot! The rink is no more or less crowded than in winter. But the ice tourists are dressed in micro shorts and singlets because it is 35C+ outside!

    The hockey lads here are fine because the ones that can skate have good skills and want to skate. The annoying boys are all in rentals and gratifyingly fall over frequently. They are overawed by the real hockey guys. Love the description of the pretty girls jumping.

    It is the people with skating aids/frames that worry me. They are hopelessly unpredictable.

  5. I remember what it was like on the ice when I first started taking classes and learning. At that time, it seemed utter chaos and in the world did anyone know where they were, where to skate, how to avoid other people, etc? I felt that way about pubic, and then even worse that way about freestyle! Yes, freestyle was less crowded, but the skaters were better, and they were zipping around all over the ice in every direction! I stuck to my one little corner and didn't venture out of it for 45 minutes. Now, of course, I'm one of those skating around (still not zipping) with that brave look of "I belong here, too!!"

  6. I find it cute when 4 year olds are doing mini jumps, though. XD

    I will never see the last one again...