Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Catastrophic Failure

You're probably wondering where I've been. As we all know, disasters (like celebrity deaths) come in threes. Today, my final disaster happened, and I'm now ready for my luck to turn.

First disaster? My knees went kablooey. (I'm thinking of trademarking 'kablooey' this has dragged on so long.)

Second disaster? My 13 year old clothes washer went kablooey. As the repairman told me today, the bearing seal failed 'catastrophically'.

Third disaster? The washing machine bearing ate my favorite skating shirt!  I mean for a 60 year old woman, I looked goooood in that shirt. Now alas, it's going to visit the dump...sad little shirt.

I'm in mourning. I loved to wear that shirt.

Those aren't shadows--those dark spots are bearing grease
You can see the wrinkles where the shirt was twisted
when it was caught between the wall of the washer
and the tub.
The last two items are non-recoverable. But my insurance company approved the injections for my right knee. These cost about the same as a mortgage payment, but my insurance covered all but an amount that's about the same as a dinner for two at Red Lobster (with drinks for one). Sometime, this week or next  I'll get the injections directly into the meniscus and at that point I'll probably be able to do some skating. Not fancy skating, just limited 'get back on the ice' skating.

What's the end going to be? The only solution is probably lose at least 20-30 lbs, so long, slow haul. I'm wearing an elastic knee brace, taking anti-inflammatories, and getting the injections, but really, those are just keeping me walking. Skating's going to require dedication to walk down the snack aisle and not buy anything. So far I'm down about 5 lbs. And it's hard when you really can't exercise much.  So, hoping the injection works out!

OOooh! But on the other hand, I ordered a new clothes washer today. Isn't it cute?

The adorable new clothes washer!


  1. I hope your knee feel better real soon! Glad that it worked out with the insurance company. As for the skating clothes... time to get new ones! (I understand the feeling though, I have some old clothes that I like and just can't bear to part)

  2. Congrats on the new washer - no, not wearable to the rink but it's great!

    I got my bum right knee drained and a cortisone shot last Friday. While at the time the entire thing was seemed like nothing more than a 'pain tolerance test' the results have been notable. My knee really feels rather new - only the most minor twinge now and then, nothing like real pain any more. I can't get back on the ice for two more weeks but on the mend is on the mend.

    My overall solution is exactly the same as yours - significant weight loss. Yeah, it's big but you can do it (are doing it) and I can do it too!

  3. Major bummer about the knee. I hope the injections help.

    But I squee for new appliances. Our oven died on Thanksgiving day. Two days later, the microwave died. We got a brand new set, a double oven this time with matching overmount microwave.

    It may have ruined Thanksgiving. But squee! New appliances!

  4. You'll be back on your knee in no time; I'm thinking positive thoughts for you!! And how great that your insurance will pay for the injections, minus the co-pay and the non-covered services. Cool. As for the washer, well, it lived a long time and gave you hours of continued service. The washer can retire now, having done its job. The shirt on the other hand... is that lime green? More power to you for being to pull off that color!

  5. Thanks for all your good wishes and support! I'm down almost 10 lb (4.5 kg or 3/4 stone for my older UK readers) as of today.

    And the shirt wasn't exactly a lime green it was more of a traditional chartreuse (more yellow than green). I wouldn't have picked it out unless Miss Cheerleader talked me into it, so it does help to shop with friends.