Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What Does Dance Coach Think?

So I came back to my home rink for a lesson with Dance Coach. He hasn't seen me in a couple of weeks and there's been a lot of changes since he saw me last.
1. I have new blades (MK Pros, man I loves my MK Pros)
2. I've been skating 5 hours a day for a week.

First off, he's all happy face with my progressives!  Hooray! This from a man who has told me 'you're not ready' a few times regarding progressives.

And he thinks my skating is 'much smoother'!

Now that I'm in the MK Pros, skating backwards isn't scarey anymore. When he asks for back crossovers I start with cross cuts, "What do you want to see? Big Girl Crossovers?" Then switch, "Or step overs?" Alternating back cross techniques around the circle. I couldn't do this three weeks ago. There's still a ways to go, but I'm better. I think it's the new blades. I was never, ever comfortable in the Mirages going backwards.

Since my 3 turns are solid, he has me doing proper power 3s.  I'm a little hunchy, and the step forward isn't pretty, but I can lay them down until I get dizzy (3 repetitions).

In stroking,  Dance Coach he wants me to skate down in the knee and stay there. At LP, they wanted me to use double knee bend stroking. I don't know if this is beginner vs advanced, or is a stylistic thing.

What do I do? I cheat. I use  double knee bend, but just tiny ones that are barely perceptible. If Dance Coach changes his mind or I skate with someone who wants the double knee bend, I just have to vary the amplitude.

Why yes, I am an engineer.

Let me  modify an existing cat picture to illustrate.
Where I was three weeks ago............Where I am NOW!

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