Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mock Mockery

So Dance Coach an I are doing progressives and crossovers in Killian--one of his favorite warmup exercises. It has power,  flow,  edges, and the opportunity to run over little kids in the center circle all wrapped up in one.

As we go around I can hear and feel the steady rippp....rippp....rippp of my underpush.

"Did you hear that rip?" I say excitedly after we finished. "Wasn't it great!"

Dance Coach throw his hands up in the air and rolls his eyes. "Oh, who is the professional here? I am supposed to be amazed by the sound of your power!. Oh. my. god. You are so amazing. I bow before you."

Yes, it's the traditional Mock Mocking Of the Student.

Mock you once, mock you twice, mock you once again.
 I take no crap off of no one.  I deliver a strong forehand counter-mock. "What! You're the man who tears into even the tiniest whisper of a toepick, and you can't say one.nice.thing about my crossovers?"

We laugh. But secretly, I know I . must . have . my . revenge.

I will be revenged!