Sunday, September 2, 2012

The icePhone

Last year when I bought an iPhone I discovered that it had a pretty good external amplifier. Good enough so that if I wanted to practice a dance on a public session, I could hear it provided I put it close enough to my ear. I've found those arm holders for phones don't work for me when I'm wearing a jacket--maybe they don't work for anyone--they kept slipping down my arm. So I did the same thing I do when I'm gardening, I stuck the phone in my bra.

Nope, no need for a special bra. Insert phone between bra and boob, it's not going anywhere. I find a side-boob position is best. All you need is good coverage in the cups.

And I can hear the music.

I try and be discreet about it. I turn to the boards to pull it out so no one has to witness the sight of me rustling around in the neck of my shirt.

Apparently, this is pretty common among adult women skaters. I've had a couple tell me they do the same thing. One told me her male coach skated up to her while the music was playing, stared at her boobs and cried out, "The hills are alive!'

After about a year of skating discretely with the phone playing in the bra storage position, there came an occasion when Dance Coach wanted to skate to a dance with music while we were on public. I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket. "I can play it on this," I said. I turned on the music.

"Do you have armband?" He asked.

"No, it's just easier to just stuff it in my bra." I started to put my hand in the neck of my shirt.

Dance Coach recoiled in panic.
"Turn music off! Turn music off, NOW!"

I think in retrospect, I should have turned away from him before sticking my hand in the neck of my shirt.


  1. OMG ROTFLOL... So where is the phone / music player now when you skate with dance coach in hold?

    If I have to use metronome on my phone it goes into my pockets. If there are no pockets and I'm desperate, it goes into the arm warmer :P

  2. LOL. I wouldn't have thought Dance Coach would be so squeamish about such a thing, based on what you've written about him. Tell him to buck up! :-)