Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mystery Speed

"So, where am I?" I asked Dance Coach, "For speed?"

Dance Coach pretends to be interested in my questions
"Oh, 60%," Dance Coach says without further explanation.

Sixty percent?! Sixty percent of what?

What's going on here? I reached his 'adult master's speed goal', and I'm skating faster than that now. What goal is he talking about?

Apparently, Dance Coach has in his mind some speed goal for me. If we're in hold, he says we're at 80% of that goal. Whatever it is.

So there's 'kid speed', 'adult speed', 'master's speed'. and 'mystery speed'. I need a chart to keep track.

I know I should never ask open ended questions. Because I never have a chance for follow up since he's off on some other topic, or yapping at me that I'm screwing up some other thing in my skating.

I suspect though,  Dance Coach is just messing with my mind. There is no goal except faster.

And behind my back, he laughs.

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