Saturday, February 16, 2019

I'm a skating mentor!!!

So, a married couple I know approached me about helping them get ready to learn to skate.

I've already sent them a list of times of local LTS classes, with advice on schedules and publics for practice ice. It's their choice of course due to their location and personal schedules, but it's a good first start.

I'm trying to find a source of boots because my old tech has had a shop issue due to a lease problem. I'm still trying to get hold of him.

 I'm making a list of skating protection and head protection, encouraging them to get gel ankle sleeves, wrist guards and Katstrapz and the half dozen things you want to have in your bag.  Have them handy because you will.need.them. And the Mrs is going to get my old Ice Halo.

Oooh, and they'll need skate bags. But, I won't give advice on that. Bags are way too personal and I'm sure they already have sport bags and it's way too early for Zuca's.

But FINALLY I will have someone to unload all my extra gloves on!!

Let me go open the glove cabinet to get them out!


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