Saturday, February 23, 2019

Chaos Today on Public Ice

 Today's rink

8 Birthday Parties

Two teams of Mites in full hockey gear

Unknown number of people skating because it's raining and the parents want the kids out of the house because they can't stand the screaming and the ice rink is the only place available where screaming is allowed

16 people who know how to skate

One rink guard

 At one point there were so many people on ice she just threw her hands in the air and devoted herself to defending the center. I've never seen any other rink guard do that.

Only one person got through--and that was an adult who skated past me--with a combined expression of terror and embarrassment while I was doing spins (because I gave him 'the look')--but not one other hockey mite, dimwitted ice tourist, or  kid who refused to look up from staring at the ice. My lesson was bliss....
 My rink has code names for staff--We've named her--
Wonder Woman

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