Monday, February 11, 2019

Passing footwork in LTS USA: I never have to do that again!

I told my coach that I had passed "Crossover, crossover, mowhawk,step behind, back cross, step forward into the circle" and "As GOD IS MY WITNESS..(you may remember this from last week)...

I never have to do that again!

My coach raised up one finger. I know that look in her eye. I KNOW THAT LOOK! She was going to tell me to demo it. I JUST KNEW!

I raised my hand up to stop her directions. "No," I said, "I'm not doing it . No, never ever. It is done, dead, gone behind me, passed away, raised up to heaven, lying checked on St Peter's checklist of stuff I have passed in LTS USA. Buried under the center circle not to be resurrected  until you and I are in lead coffins in Veteran's Cemetaries someplace. That kind of dead. Fini."

"But," my coach artfully paused, " I wasn't going to ask you to do that. No, no, not at all. What about crossover, crossover, mohawk, .... back three. ....
That's completely different. Isn't it?"


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