Sunday, February 10, 2019

Falling backwards

I was doing a forward edge pull--as a coach once told me it's 'the dangerous one'--and fell on my lower back and the back of my head.

Male Figure skaters came from all over the rink to check me out -- it's been a long time since I've been surrounded by that many men

Fortunately, I had my head protection on, my pad in the hat, and while the blow did sting, and I was just laying there thinking about how nice and relaxing it was resting on the ice, when all the men appeared (3 of them) . At that point, even though I was thinking I should get up, once there was all those men I had to then them help me up and fuss. I rattle off the president, the time, my name, my coaches name and how much my lesson cost. My retinas were also the same size. So I was good. 

The part about this I want to mention is that when a person hits the back of their head, there is a second blow. The hit at the back slams the brain forward in the skull to the inside of the skull in the front. This is called contrecoup

Source: Contrecoup
So, even though I had head protection, I decided to sit it out for a half hour just in case there was a contrecoup. My head didn't ring, and I wasn't going fast, so when my lesson  I got back on the ice. I didn't have any problems with it over the next few days. No headache, nothing. I got lucky.

However, I landed on my pelvic iliac crest and seem to have bruised the bone. That's been a pain in the butt for weeks! Physical therapy, pain killers, heat. What did I learn?

Sometimes, it's not the head, it's the Butt!

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