Monday, August 27, 2018

Lake Placid Positive Thinking

I took a bunch of classes to improve my basic skating skills and the same 3 things kept coming up from figures to three turns.

1. Don't step wide--or--don't stick your leg out

2. Don't stick your butt back and your chest forward

3. Don't look down.

Let's face it, those are pretty negative training expressions. Most coaches will avoid them, let's make them more positive.

Get your legs THIS close together 

Skate with 'Sexy Posture' 
(Ladies, shoulders back, get the girls up. 
Guys, I got no advice for you)
Look at the audience--even when there isn't one.

1. Keep your legs together-- until your leg hairs catch on fire.

2.  Get the the girls up--

3. Connect with the audience like Tonya Harding.

Do all that and you'll be able to balance like this!

(You'll never get that leg hair image out of your mind will you._


  1. I mean, the thought of my leg hairs touching while on the ice means I'm skating with bare legs...that would never happen

    1. I use it as just an image to remind me to get my thighs togethr