Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Notes from Lake Placid Adult Skate Camp Day 1

Robin Miller was teaching a group class on Forward Three Turns. She said, "A three turn should be skated  with the arms embracing the circle. Only the body should turn, not the arms. No flailing."

The woman standing next to me spontaneously moaned in pain. "Nooooo," she whimpered. "But it's the  only way I can do them."

We all got a good laugh.

I packed 2 dance dresses, two pair of skating pants, 1 pair of capris, two jackets and (for some unknown repacking at the last minute reason) one shirt. When I was at the rink today, someone told me, "That's the nicest skating shirt I've seen in a long time."
I said, "Lucky for you, you'll see it everyday."

I was doing a  forward outside 8 on patch. I was on a good line, and thought I could do it better. Spontaneously my skating foot, made a correction with an ankle lean, a push down with my outside toes, and a slight shift of the shoulder. Mentally I could hear a  'ehh-heh' noise you make when describing the sound of a squeaky shoe.

Somehow,  I fell,  just as I could feel my toepick and my heel pressure at the same time. Is that even possible?

One of the group coaches looked at me skating in the circle. "Good," he said and went on to fuss at the other people. Making progress!!


  1. Enjoy all that ice time!! Almostn attended this year. Next year, I think I'll go to the Patriot Adult weekend. Have fun!!!

  2. Robin is a great figures/turns coach. She got me through my Adult Bronze Moves in one week and I had never done two of the moves before. Too bad they don't have tests anymore at the end of August Adult week.