Saturday, August 4, 2018

Rancho Fiesta Hotel & Casino & Ice Rink Las Vegas NV

I had to go on business this month to Vegas, and elected to stay at the Rancho Fiesta, where there is an ice rink.

I got there in time for Public.  It looked like a 3/4 sheet rink, but I now believe that it's a full sheet. The schedule supports both Freestyle and Hockey.  In fact it had more Freestyle than some other rinks I've seen; 5 am to 10:45. The rink also  had 2-5 pm Public. The rest of the time was hockey.

I only saw the rink at Public.

1. Plastic Skating Frames
2.  No cones to mark off the center

3. No rink guard seen (this is not a criticism--the skate rental office looked right onto the ice, so I think safety was preserved as long as the clerk was on duty)

4. The ice was covered with snow.

5. There were about 25 people on the ice. Families having a nice break from the heat. Only one skater doing anything more than stroking.

I wasn't up to skating while I was there so I can't speak with authority on the ice quality under the snow. However,  given the lack of cones, rink guard on the ice and the addition of the big plastic frames, I think it would have been a challenge to do much more  than stroke around or a spiral. People were zipping around without any adherence to public skate rules.

Freestyle might have been different, but my schedule kept me from skating then (I had to be at my training facility at 7).

I did skate at the Las Vegas Ice Center a couple of years ago. It had two sheets, but it was out of the way on the west side of town. However, it had a friendly Freestyle so I may skate there again and damn the hour drive to get to the north side of town.

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