Saturday, September 1, 2018

Pad in the Hat to the Rescue!

Remember my Pad in the Hat? Where I stuff a skatingsafe kneepad into the back of my skating hat? Yeah, today, for the first time I had a chance to use it.

I was warming up before a lesson on freestyle when I tried to dodge a girl I was on a collision course with, caught a toepick, rolled over on my back, hit the back of my head, and then (horrors of horrors) a different teenage girl skating some backwards moves ran into my sprawling figure and flipped over me backwards.

It was just awful.

The new male coach was at my side immediately from all the way across the rink. I said "I had a pad in the hat," and he seemed relieved. Then my coach appeared along with every fascinated by an old lady fall tiny little skater to come and stare. I felt like a car crash on the side of the highway with the cops directing lookie-loo traffic around me.

The new male coach and my coach got me to my feet because to tell the truth, while my head didn't hurt at all, hitting my head had made me a bit dizzy. This probably had to do with the sloshing of the stuff in my ear canals, it can cause vertigo, but that only lasted a few seconds. The girl I had tripped apologized, and I gave her a short hug, "It was my fault. I tripped on a toepick. Are YOU okay?"

Then I turned to the good looking male coach, really he was getting better looking by the minute, "The President is Donald Trump, it's Saturday, I have a lesson, it's a little before 11." After that, the male coach and my coach patted me on the shoulder and I went to sit down.

When I finally got on the ice for my lesson,  I turned to my coach, "You know, I noticed that new coach got to me before you did. When you retire I want him for a coach."

My coach rolled her eyes. "You know the people who saw it said it was a slow motion fall. Just like you said you ARE a slow faller."

Still got it!


  1. All's well that ends well. Glad to hear that your head gear worked when put to the test.

    1. I'm going to double it to get even better protection. I think two will be better.

  2. This past weekend I saw a girl wearing a Crasche hat take a spill and the Crasche flew off her head. I don't think she hit her head but even so, to me the Crasche was either too big for her head or not particularly effective. Gotta be one or the other. I've fallen backwards over the tails of my blades and my ice halo stayed on duty and did it's job. This past Friday a very good woman skater I know fell during some sort of Mohawk that's part of her next Moves test. Her hair bun saved her major head pain but she still got whip lash during the fall. All the halos and hats in the world don't do squat for whip lash. We both see the same Chiropractor so I'll be interested to get an update from her after she sees him tomorrow.