Saturday, February 10, 2018

Training Videos

I have a lazy  clockwise back crossover.

So, my coach pulls out her secret--well, not so secret--weapon...Her Cellphone.

"Please, not the Cellphone from Hell!" I cry.

My coach says, "I'm going to video you so that you can see what's going on with that lazy right foot on the cross behind." 

I have never felt such fear as I did then. I have 'issues' with the Cellphone from Hell: videos make me look slow, and fat and old. I am not putting up with that.

But, my mantra (this week) is 'Don't argue with Coach.' So I do a quick mohawk into a back edge then do my clockwise back cross around the center circle. After one cycle I eyeball my coach.

"This is interesting," she said. "You can do it perfectly well when the camera is on you." She puts the cellphone away, "You're ready for our Fall show."

That's quite a leap there Coachey!! Looks good on when a camera's pointing at me, therefore ready for show?  Is that how they pick the Olympians?


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  1. ah man, I'm the opposite. It'll look and feel trainer will suggest I get video so I can see what she sees. Soon as the camera starts recording, my body goes all stupid.