Saturday, February 17, 2018

Revelation #1 : Spins

The ice was really rough today and covered with snow. I'm perfectly happy for the rink to have a crowd, I just wish I had the skills to avoid the ice tourists--or maybe that the ice tourists could avoid the center.

So Coach and I are in the center, avoiding five year olds who stare at me and appear to worship me from afar. I do not kid. Five year olds come up to me in the center and say "How did you get to get so good.?" Seriously underage boys barely above the height of my knee appear to be my fan base . Oh, and dogs--dogs are fascinated by me too; but at least they don't get on the ice and camp out in the center.
Both my fan bases are like this
So after some tortuous skating , Coach and I  finally get to where I want to go: Spins. Yes, I've finally turned into one of those skaters with bad spins who hang out in the center,  spinning over and over. (but at least I don't camp out in a 'lucky spot' .)

So back cross, step forward , snap into a two foot spin and begin the mighty struggle as the snow grabs my blades. I pitch forward then snatch back my balance.

Coach sighs. "So try this. When you spin, get on the rocker on your spinning foot, and more towards the middle of the skate behind the rocker on the other foot."

I do a spin entry, snap into a spin my left foot on the rocker, my right foot one one third back on the blade from the toepick and suddenly I'm floating over the ice, perfectly centered,  without friction and perfectly in control.

I glide out of my spin with this look on my face:

Spin Ecstasy

That was what I called a revelation..

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  1. First: Hullo, fellow adult skater! I just started my own skating blog and have been poking around to see who else is blogging from our unique vantage point.

    Second: I think every adult skater I've chatted with in the past year freaking hates spins. I JUST got mine back a few weeks ago so I keenly empathize with the maddening struggle that never seems to end. I wanted to say OMG CONGRATULATIONS on overcoming one mighty frustrating hurdle! The more frustrating something is, the better it feels to finally get a handle on. Best of luck on your skating journey!