Friday, February 16, 2018

Group Coach Crossroll Tips

I'm back in Group and after warming up, I ask the new Group coach to give me some tips on forward crossrolls. The last time I did these was October of last year...or maybe September....time passes when you get old.

So I get on the line and do a couple of small ones, then I decide to add some power and do a couple of big ones.

"Hmm," she says as she skates up to me. "Those first two were really good. You had nice flow and stepped only your outside edge after the cross. But the last two were way too big. And didn't flow well."

Did I ever tell you everything in skating can be taught by referencing your boobs?  When you're learning figures it's "put your boob over the line." When you're learning certain kinds of turns it's "point your boobs at the boards!" When you're in a performance: "Presentation is everything! Push the girls up and out!"

So now I look at here and say, "So I'm doing D cups? And you want B cups?"

She brightened. "A cups!"

Oooh, I bet you thought there would be a completely different picture, didn't you!

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