Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Curse of the FI3

After three weeks in LTS USA Basic "FUNdamentals!" 6 at Rink 2, I am only fractionally better at FI3 than I was when I started.....the 'fraction better' is rather interesting.

I can do  a passing FI3 when I'm looking at myself in the plexiglass above the boards.  When I'm in the middle, I pop my hip and don't stay over my skate. I do it at the boards--not touching the boards mind you--just facing the boards: It's fine. Think, oh, I've got this now. Go out in the middle....Fail.

Frustration--Let it all out

Every once in a while I do a mohawk each way just so I can practice something on the inside edge that I'm not going to fail at.

"Those are nice mohawks," the coach says with kindness. 

Inside I'm grinding my teeth. Except for these FI3, that I put myself back to Basic 6 to learn, I'd be in Freeskate 2 where I belong.

It's times like these I wish they served beer before Group Class.
 Oh, yeah, and that I liked beer.

On the other hand, after 10 days of off ice lunge exercises, I can now hike my free leg up to hip height and do passing spirals both ways. Not bad for 65. So not a total waste. At least I'm doing better than the only other student.....she's 11. I should feel kind of bad that I'm smug about that.


  1. ".....she's 11. I should feel kind of bad that I'm smug about that."

    Children our age can be so cruel.

    1. She can get her foot to knee height for her spirals. I found out she doesn't want to skate, her dad is making her so she sulks on ice.

  2. Those Dads,tisk. Doesn't he know that all this lousy skating is cutting into her snapchat time???

    1. The poor coach is working his heart out trying to get her interested in skating. #Sad