Sunday, February 12, 2017

Loop Jump Tip of Mystery

This is a Loop Jump

During the last freestyle class, Dance Coach was coaching  and he wanted the skaters to do loop jumps after a round of skating skills.

As he was teaching another student how to do the jump he either said:

"Squeeze the chicken"  or "Throw the chicken."  But he was facing away from the rest of us and we couldn't quite make it out.We had a discussion about this after ballet class. We are absolutely sure it's nothing naughty to do with chickens, but...

But the skater got her first loop jump ever, so it must have worked. Maybe associating things with chickens has magical powers. The Romans even had sacred chickens...I do not make this up.

Randomly yelling out 'squeeze the chicken' could be useful for any jump where you want the skater to tighten up the jump position, and 'throw the chicken' for those times when you want the skater to open up the arms after the jump.

It can be our new cue word

It's just...

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