Monday, April 18, 2016

What I Learned from Shoot The Duck

This past Sunday after fiddling around for a half hour or so at the rink, I decided to try Shoot the Ducks.
Shoot The Duck
I haven't tried them for years, since I never could do them. Then Sunday,  I decided, "Give 'em a try."

Now some people think you have to do shoot the ducks by descending on one leg with the other stuck out, but a coach I know told me, "That's a good way to hurt yourself by blowing out a knee, and there's no requirement to do it that way. Drop down on both feet, then extend the leg you want forward."

So, I did it. Slam bam thank you m'am, I did a shoot the duck. Then 10 seconds later, I did it on the other leg.

And nice ducks too.

I don't have any idea where I got the leg strength to do them.  Yes, I do off ice exercise, some of which is balancing on one leg while lifting weights with the opposite arm (which is freaky). But that's not specifically dedicated to getting  shoot the ducks. Still, from somewhere I gotz the strength to do them.

So what did I learn?

Even when you're in your mid-sixties you can still build up your strength and get better. It's not down hill all the way.

So, THEREOld age and Death! So take that! I have a shoot the duck that I didn't have before!

100 days of lunges: Video, weight lifting, and yoga. 98 days to go!


  1. I don't have the flexibility to get down that far on two legs, let alone balance on one. I have never been able to do one despite years of trying. Oh well. I can do a damn fine outside spread eagle. We all got our talents!

    1. I would much rather have any kind of spreadeagle than a shoot the duck!

  2. Well done! Yet again you inspire me. I'm also a 60 something, maybe I can get my shoot the duck back, too. Spread eagle ... not so sure...