Friday, April 15, 2016

Disco Skate

My rink had no public tonight, so I went to another rink's Friday evening public. Not only was I the oldest person on the ice, I was the oldest person in the building (unless there was a 70 Year Old CPA working on the rink's books in a back room).

The problem was, I had forgotten this rink was serious about disco skate. My rink has flashing lights but doesn't turn the regular lights down and it attracts an older crowd (15 to 20 plus parents with kids). This other rink attracts 11 year olds to 15 year olds and it turns.the.lights.down.  It was just like Dundee! Only, much, much darker. (And 50% of the perceived darkness is probably my age related eye degeneration; I bet to the kids it's as bright as twilight is to me)

This is actually Dundee!
I was the only person in the center, except this kid who would give me the eye then try to do a two foot  jump. Then he fell and I moved on with my life. I'm not going to discourage 11 year old boys from jumping, even in hockey skates. I stayed on the ice and stuck with it: edge pulls, swing rolls, some careful barrel rolls, change edge serpentines, a couple of spins and a lot of lap skating.

When I got off the ice I actually got a compliment from an adult by stander. "You were skating so well, and I felt so sorry for you with so many kids running amuck."

What can you do? It's hard to find ice time, I gotta skate.

I did get the DJ to play some Queen so that was cool.

Next time I have to go to Disco skate I'll ask for Ina-Gadda-da-vida, all 17 minutes of it.


  1. Whoa! You are so brave! Glad someone besides the inevitable kid made good use of the center.

  2. Disco skates are hazardous to your health! I wind up getting dragged to maybe one per skating season and so far haven't suffered too much--but the breathtaking near misses in the dark--oh my.

    1. Sadly there's no cure for the degeneration of the eye as we age. I take heart that the kids can see me! (Also, note to self don't wear black head to toe. Wear a white jacket at least! :-) )