Saturday, April 9, 2016

"Wait, Wait, which foot do I use?"

My coach, Miss Bianca, loves mohawks. Let's just say she's got a semi-infinite number of "cute little elements" that somehow always involve mohawks.

So yesterday, seeing that I'm doing mohawks, including bad side mohawks, Miss Bianca decides to teach me 'barrell rolls'. When she demonstrates it, I see that it starts with an inside mohawk FACING OUT OF THE CIRCLE!!!

So if you are weak in your mohawks, doing the
inside ones while facing out of the circle can be a little intimidating.
So this particular barrel roll goes like this:
1. Inside mohawk facing out of the circle
2. Back crossover
3. Turn forward inside the circle
4. Stroke forward
5. Repeat

On my good side, it's a little shaky but I can do it. No coach holding my hand, nothing.

On my bad side---I can do the first mohawk and after that I can't tell my left from my right, up from down, inside from out. I have no idea.

The same thing happens when I do bad side power threes.  Suddenly I'm on a back two foot edge,  getting ready to do a back crossover and thinking, "Wait,  do I cross the left foot in front or the right foot?"

In case you care, the foot that crosses in front in the back crossover for the power three is the foot opposite the skating foot for the outside 3.

I think.

And I shouldn't be 'thinkin' about this, it should just happen. 

I know why this occurs, I'm timid and not on a deep enough curve on my weak side. On my good side I have the confidence to do deep curves. With deep curves it's impossible to do it wrong.

I know you're thinking..

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