Saturday, April 16, 2016

The One Hundred Days of Skating (related stuff)

There's a kind of low key internet project called "One Hundred Days of...." where you do one thing for one hundred days with the idea that you'll get better as you practice. Some people go to the gym for one hundred days, other people do some creative activity like knitting for one hundred days.

I decided to do One Hundred Days of Skating.
Except after consideration, it's really too hard to coordinate and work. I don't have enough leave to leave work early, and during the week it involves going to 3 different rinks late at night with an hour each way commute. I think after 30 days I would have collapsed from exhaustion or torn a ligament or some other injury.

So I backed off, and decided to do......

One hundred days of lunges! (Plus an extra day of skating).

My plan is to do Jill Millers Hip Helpers  (one hour of effective stretching and a bargain, but hard for the inflexible) video for warm up,  followed by lunge stretches.

So tonight after skate I got half way through the video and did my lunge practice. 99 days to go!

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