Friday, June 19, 2015

The Trouble with Zucas--Safety Tip

Zuca's are designed to be sat on. I'm told that at competitions, skaters rely on their Zuca's for seating in the dressing room.

And if you've read my blog, you know that the Freestyle class sits on its Zuca's in the Circle of Sacred Figure Skating Fire, know...too many kids and parents on the benches.

So, I sit on my Zuca.  Take off boots, dry boots, sort everything out. All is well.

Then, I bend down to reach between my legs so that I can stick my hand  deep inside the insert so I can pull my soakers out from the back.

The Zuca shoots backward, out from under my ass.

 It turns out, when I bent down to reach inside the insert, the back of my thighs pushed against the Zuca, and that thing slid  out from under my ass, then built up some speed, even on the mats.

I didn't fall, thank goodness. I have figure skating reflexes. Once I felt that thing move, I just stuck my ass in the air and straightened up, then turned to look at the Zuca rolling to a stop halfway across the lobby. I swear that thing was smirking at me.
Being from the Air Force, the first thing that occurred to me was to get some plane chocks. And I found some Zuca sized ones on ebay for model displays.
Yeah, this is a Navy plane, oops.
Anyway, no chocks. Although it would be cute if I had them.  Instead, when we form the Sacred Figure Skating Circle of Fire, I just back that Zuca up against the wall before I sit down. It's going nowhere.

So, important safety tip. Watch your ass when sit on the Zuca and you go for something in the back of of the insert. 

Or, if you're really daring, get your buds together and hold Zuca races across the lobby!


  1. Yup, I too have experienced the Zuca's backwards creep! Oddly enough my somewhat lighter and smaller lasses do not.

  2. What a hilarious story; who else in the world can mobilize their Air Force training for a Zuca engineering defect? Glad you didn't get hurt!

  3. I laughed so hard, the water I was drinking went up my nose!!!! Glad you didn't fall on the floor.