Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Spin Chat

In LTS, the freestyle coach, Miz Ursula, starts talking to us about blades: Pattern 99 (not a blade for everyone), the go to blade (MK Pro), and goes through all our blades. Then she starts "The Spin Chat."

Coach Ursula
 The Spin Chat begins with a discussion about spinning on the real front part of the blade. Pattern 99  are a 3 radius blade. That means there's a special rocker right at the front for spins. The rest of us just have to make do with what we've got. two radius blades

To put us in the Spin Mentality, Coach Ursula has us skate backwards on one foot at the foremost part of the blade, right at the part of the blade behind the toes. We're supposed to be upright and not bendy and gliding on the fore part of the fore foot of the blade.

Yes, I start out all bendy gliding backwards. But keeping in mind the emphasis on one foot glide in the video below, I really, really work on it during class. Developing good posture on one foot backwards, is the new key to my spins.

When Coach Ursula is satisfied with our back one foot glides, she goes to each of us to work with different spins. She comes up to me and keeping in mind:
1. Don't lean out of the circle
2. Stay on the real forward part of the blade

I rip off a three rotation two foot spin!

"That's a real spin!" Coach Ursula cries.

Unfortunately, it makes me so dizzy I have to rotate in the other direction.

"Don't worry," Coach Ursula says, "You'll develop an immunity to dizziness."

So, spinning is ... a... vaccine to dizziness?

Can't I just get a spin shot?

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