Friday, June 26, 2015

The Curse of the Coach's Eye

When you're a recreational skater, there are entire years where you can't stand to do certain skills in front of your coach.

I call it "Coach Eye".

Right now, I've got a bad case of Coach Eye in Freestyle 2 where I'm working on my one foot back spins.

When Coach Ursula turns to me it's a bit like when Frodo puts on the Ring Of Power and Mighty Sauron stares at him.

This is more dramatic with music

Suggestions for dealing with this? I gots nozzink.

Head up, smile, good posture, enter the spin correctly --Coach Sauron looks at me-- I fall out of the spin.  Coach Sauron looks away, I get a decent spin--go figure.

I feel like:


  1. Tape it with your phone. Edit it and email it to your coach as proof. Or pretend she isn't watching when she is and you'll probably do it fine. I should take my own advice...

  2. I just go weak in the knees and all my skating skills go away....