Saturday, June 27, 2015

Public Skate on the One Cool Day of Summer

The last few weeks we we've had consistent days in the 90's--for those  readers in the UK, it's days in the 30s--and in the two days it hit a hundred, the ice rink extended the hours of public skate and offered 'free rental skates'. Decent, public spirited.
I checked the webcam and the rink was just as empty that day as it usually is during the school year.
But today...TODAY!...when it's in the 70's (20's UK) the rink is packed like Christmas. WTF, people? What is it about going to the rink when it's cool?

The rink is Like This..

At First I'm All Confused
And apparently, the local league just picked its 11 year old team and the selectees seem to think public skate is place for a game. They get so wild the rink guard skates past me hissing, "I'm kicking those kids off." Frankly, 11 year olds who haven't developed any skate control, and haven't been exposed to the local rec league's etiquette program, can pretty soon turn public into this..

This is Russia. Watch the whole thing  The flying kid is classic.

Then a dad at the gate asks me to help his son tie his boots. I know I look like a granma, but geeze...

And finally, I'm DONE with being nice, sweet, helpful and accommodating. I'm skating for myself now. I decide to cop an attitude.

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