Friday, December 27, 2013

Lost and Found

Got to the rink and discovered one of my wrist guards was missing.

Turned up in Lost and Found!

Thank you, some honest person!

Unlike whoever walked off with my knee pads a couple of months ago.

Ooooh, if only......


  1. Some little SOB nicked my blade guards from the window sill near the rink entrance where I generally put them before hopping out on the ice. I never put them on the boards for fear that they'd be knocked off and become a hazard. I'd just replaced my old ones a week or so before! Most aggravating! And no, sadly they didn't turn up in the Lose and Found dept. I've written my name on the next pair with an indelible sharpie in the hopes that the light fingered gentry will leave them alone. We shall see. Such annoying incidents are relatively rare at our rink.

    1. I don't know why people walk off with guards. They have no use for them and probably don't know what they are!

    2. Another reason I hate publics. I don't feel comfortable leaving my stuff out (guards, water bottle, towel, bag o' dance patterns). And there are no lockers at the rink I used to skate at. My new rink, there's a locker room, but I've never skated a public there.