Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Celebrate Even the Little Things"

Miss Bianca was pleased with the fact that I had improved on the stuff we worked on last week. Even though I didn't have a chance to practice, I was a step up from my last lesson.

"I see you're able to do mohawks out in the middle, away from the boards,"  she paused and smiled, "I like to celebrate the little things."

So in support of coaches everywhere who have to 'celebrate the little things'  here are some 'celebration expressions' to use.

"OMG! You didn't fall!"

When something is actually too small to celebrate.
"Nope, not celebrating *that* one."

And  the most important one of all...
"Damn, I am a good coach...!"


  1. Hahahaha, yeah. My lesson today was my coach exercising that first expression.

  2. Most coaches are born cheerleaders. They know which side the bread is buttered on!

  3. LOL!! The first one is my favorite :)